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Pregnant and sleeping badly? This is what you can do for insomnia during pregnancy!

According to many, your pregnancy is one of the best periods of your life, apart from the ailments. Your fantastic body simply functions as a construction site for a new, little person, how special is that?! And that takes a lot of energy, for months. A good night’s sleep is therefore important for both you and your baby. But with that growing belly, the hormones coursing through your body and the added worries about just about everything, it’s…bad sleeping during pregnancy the rule rather than the exception. With the tips below, you will still get some more sleep.

Pregnant and sleeping badly

Lying up for one night, your little one can handle that. But if you structurally sleep poorly when you are pregnant, this can adversely affect your immune system. And your miracle responds to everything that happens to your body, so if you often sleep poorly, you would be wise to get a good night’s sleep. And if it really hits every night, it could also be something else. Discuss this with your doctor, he or she can advise you on this.

Sleeping in the different stages of pregnancy

Poor sleep in early pregnancy

In the first trimester of your pregnancy you don’t notice much of a growing belly. There is a lot going on in your body. The hormonal changes are then severe, with the necessary consequences for your sleep rhythm. To make up for it, you can admire your child on the ultrasound and share the good news. And as your belly starts to grow, the physical discomforts increase.

Pregnant and bad sleep in the last weeks

Months go by and your belly is about to explode. Even a simple toilet visit will cost you much more energy than you ever imagined. Many women experience insomnia in the last trimester. Your body is so tired of all the stimuli during the day that it can no longer relax at night. The back pain, nightly toilet visits and worrying do not help.

Cause of fatigue during pregnancy

In the beginning of your pregnancy, hormonal changes are disastrous for your sleep. Progesterone in particular makes you so drowsy during the day that you can’t fall asleep at night. Later in pregnancy, you are especially tired because of worrying and physical discomfort. Your big belly, aches and pains, your continuously full bladder… it all takes a lot more energy than before.

Tips to sleep better during pregnancy

Sleep better you do it by being active during the day. Get outside, sunlight helps you keep your biological clock in order. Walk or read a book, whatever you can handle. Mindfulness and yoga can also help you sleep and make you more relaxed during labour. So win-win!

In terms of food you are already not allowed to do a number of things, and your coffee is not safe either. One at breakfast, but certainly no more after lunch. And don’t eat anything after dinner. And turn off your screens. Take a relaxing bath, which also helps against cramps. And above all: listen to your body, it indicates very well what it needs. Tip: a good quality bed and mattress always works wonders for your sleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I not sleep well during pregnancy?

On the one hand because of the hormonal changes in the first trimester, on the other hand because of your growing belly and physical pregnancy complaints, especially towards the end of your pregnancy. All this requires a lot more energy, resulting in fatigue.

How can I sleep better during pregnancy?

Go to sleep relaxed. No incentives from coffee, a full stomach, screens. Be active during the day and outside, for example go for a walk. Yoga and mindfulness can also help you sleep better.


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